About me

Throughout my life approaching half a century, I tried to move forward without harming others, in accordance with the philosophy expressed by Hippocrates’ famous phrase “First, do not harm”. The good news is that the majority of my patients also notice this.

After spending my childhood years in Germany, I continued my education back in Turkey and then I started my education at Istanbul University Cerrahpaşa Medical Faculty. Since my father is also a plastic surgery specialist, from my 14th age, I started my medical education in a way that could be described as “both talented and schooled” by accompanying him both in his office and in the hospital where he was working.

Later, I settled down in Austria and started to specialize in the Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery of the University of Vienna Medical Faculty, which was the largest hospital in Europe at that time. During my specialization, I had the opportunity to take lessons from numerous European educators. During my studies in the Department of Maxillofacial Surgery, I took part in the organization of the “aesthetic facial surgery in fresh cadaver heads” courses that we started in partnership with the Department of Anatomy and I worked as an instructor for 5 years. In the last year of my specialization, I worked as the private assistant of the world famous Hand Surgeon Prof. Dr. Hanno Millesi. After my specialization training, mostly I worked with maxillofacial issues in a private clinic in Vienna.

After a long time, I couldn’t stand the expatriation and returned back to Turkey and started to work in a private hospital. Currently, I am serving my patients in my own clinic. I perform my surgeries in hospitals that are close to my clinic and whose quality suits my patients. My philosophy is to prioritize conscientious values. For this reason, I try to make every patient feel that they are human first and win the hearts first by treating them as I want to be treated.